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Ann Arbor, Michigan

Map of Michigan showing Lansing the state capital and Ann Arbor

These links take you to my Photographs and Pages of the places visited during my various sojourns to Ann Arbor

Miscellaneous views of Ann Arbor, Aug 2001

Michigan Historic Site logoDexter-Huron and Hudson Mills Metroparks, Mar 2001
(including a few miscellaneous photos)

Cabela's logoCabela's, Dundee, Mar 2001

Gallup park iconGallup Park, Mar 2001

National Recreation Trail from Dixboro Road to Mitchell Field 23 Mar 2001

The Somerset Collection Shopping Center, Troy, Dec 2000

Yankee Air Museum, Dec 2000

MBG logoMatthaei Botanical Gardens, Aug 2000

NH museum logoExhibit Museum of Natural History, Feb 2000 (coming eventually)
...well it's 2011 now, doubt it ever will!


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