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Monterey Photographs

Aboard MSC Monterey

10 - 17 April 2006
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Walking the fwd passageways of MSC Monterey's Aloha Deck;
opening the crew door to fwd passenger off limits area
16 April 2006 - 1 min 3 sec

MSC's ss Monterey - Port Boat Deck
at night whilst at anchor off Cannes
11 April 2006 - 19 sec

MSC's ss Monterey at anchor off Cannes
from the tender
11 April 2006 - 21 sec

As we approach Barcelona aboard MSC's ss Monterey
black smoke pours from her funnel
17 April 2006 - 25 sec

ss Monterey blows her whistle as we approach Palma de Mallorca
to find MSC Melody alongside [I only caught one blast:(]
16 April 2006 - 19 sec

Panorama of ss Monterey's Pool on Promenade Deck & Boat Deck
aft starboard, walking fwd whilst approaching Majorca
16 April 200 - 41 sec

Tug manoeuvring at Monterey's stern
for berthing at Livorno
12 April 2006 - 17 sec

The Palma de Mallorca pilot launch drops off the Pilot
as we approach Palma aboard MSC's ss Monterey
16 April 2006 - 48 sec

CD Javier introduces Captain Rafaelle Russo aboard
MSC Monterey on Gala Night.
Speeches in Spanish, French, German, English & Italian
15 April 2006 - 1 min 23 sec

Winching in the ropes upon the bow of
MSC's ss Monterey & pulling away from Civitavecchia
c. Columbus ahead & Mona Lisa in the distance
13 April 2006 - 1 min 15 sec


Monterey Photographs

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