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"The World's Most Beautiful Voyage"
Tromsø to Bergen aboard M/S Polarlys 14-18 Nov 2002

Funnel of  M/S Polarlys
M/S Polarlys

Calm & Tranquil Waters
Calm & Tranquil Waters

M/S Polarlys in Rørvik
M/S Polarlys in Rørvik

Dave & I took a short trip without the children in search of the Northern Lights aboard the Hurtigrute New-Generation ship M/S Polarlys. Although others aboard did see the Lights on a couple of evenings in the early hours, we had long since retired for the night!

Day 1 - 14th Nov 2002 We flew to Tromsø via Oslo with SAS & Braathens, arriving at 5.30pm. It was a short ride to the Radisson SAS Hotel in the centre of Tromsø, where we were to have dinner and await the arrival of Polarlys just before midnight.

The Trip

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The Ship


It was very cold & icy but we went for a walk for an hour around the city. All the shops were closed being so late in the evening. Another Hurtigrute ship, Richard With, was in port. We viewed the famous Ice Cathedral from across the water. It seemed a long way to walk over to see it; but another couple did cross the bridge. It took them 1½ hrs, they froze before reaching the other side, but did see the Northern Lights on the return journey!

Dinner in the hotel was very good; a set meal with 3 choices; although I never did get the Cloudberries I ordered. After what seemed a long wait, a coach arrived to take us the 300 yards to the dock. Polarlys hadn't yet arrived so we stayed in the warm coach until she'd tied up. It was then just a matter of walking across with our bags, waiting for those disembarking to finish coming down the gangway, and onboard we went..........more

Map of the route sailed, Tromsø to Bergen

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