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6am -  ApproachingTahiti in the Mist

Alongside at Papeete

Moorea in the Distance

Countryside View

Tahiti Scenery

Tahiti Scenery

Tahiti Scenery - Banana Trees

Dad & Ken crossing the Bridge to reach the Beach

Nearing the Beach

Pam on the Beach with a Coconut

Beach with Black Sand

Pam Swimming

Mum - Hotel Tahiti

Mum & Dad - Hotel Tahiti

Preparing for Tahitian Night Aboard SS Southern Cross

Audrey & Brian at Tahiti Night with John [waiter]

Audrey & Brian at Tahiti Night with the Woodfords

Audrey, Capt. Hopkins & Edith Woodford

Tahiti - 30 Oct 1965

Around the World aboard SS Southern Cross, 8 Sep 1965 - 25 Nov 1965

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