There have been a number of Meets over the years, which have been thoroughly enjoyed by all who have attended! I, myself went along to Kettering in April 1997 and Wakefield in October 1997. There are some other pictures of the Wakefield Meet on Sue Alexander's website.

Everyone had a superb time at Runcorn in April 1998, and some excellent pictures can be viewed on the websites of John Greetham and Sue Alexander.

Birmingham was the setting for a meet in November 1998, with some photos on Sue Haley's web site along with many others of more recent meets.

Runcorn II 'The Revenge' in April 1999, can be viewed on the websites of Elaine Jones, Sue Alexander, Dave Jackson and Sue Haley.


Visit the ZeToons website, where you will find many chariactures of various Zetnuts as depicted by our very own ToonMaker, Elaine Williams!