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Yankee Air Museum
Willow Run Airport, Belleville, MI, USA

Yankee Air Museum hangar

The Yankee Air Museum consists of an indoor aircraft display, an outdoor aircraft display, and numerous rooms devoted to specific aviation themes or time periods. Display room topics include: WWI aviation, WWII, Korea, Vietnam, Women in Aviation, and the B-24 Liberator Bomber.

The museum has historic aircraft on display. Many are flyable classics. Others are on static display. Mechanics and restoration crews were busy at work when I visited and a lot of the display rooms were undergoing a refurbishment over the winter. It was also too cold to view anything outside. Visit the official Yankee Air Museum website for a list of the aircraft on display.

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8685 B-24s built

Early 1940's airport at Willow Run

Propeller  from the aircraft to first fly around the world


1940's map India/Burma






Yankee Lady

Yankee Lady

Yankee Lady

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